Whether you live in Western New York, Buffalo, or anywhere else in the country, your home or business is susceptible to black mold. Toxic black mold exposure can cause serious symptoms that lead to major health problems such as breathing problems, damage to internal organs and in extreme cases, even death.

By understanding how to prevent old mold and control the growth of new mold, you can help keep your home safe. Here are 5 reasons to contact SuperClean about black mold removal.


Mold Can Grow Easily Indoors

Outdoors, black mold grows in soil and on plant debris. Indoors, black mold needs materials high in cellulose and low in nitrogen to grow on. This means black mold can grow on many common indoor building materials like wood, drywall, and cement.

Black Mold Contains Mycotoxins

The mycotoxins of black mold can cause people to suffer toxic symptoms. The general types of symptoms caused by black mold include respiratory problems, skin inflammation, irritation of the mucous membranes, damage to internal organs and Immune system suppression.

Prolonged Mold Exposure Can Cause Permanent Health Problems

Black mold can cause permanent damage to your health. In extreme cases, black mold has even lead to death. Because of the serious health effects black mold can cause, if you find the mold in your home you need to get it removed immediately. The longer you and your family or employees are exposed to mold, the more damage it can cause.

Black Mold Grows and Spreads… Fast.

Black mold needs a suitable material to be very wet for at least a week before it can begin to grow. While most molds take just one or two days to colonize, toxic black mold usually needs two to three weeks. Once toxic black mold is growing though it usually forces out any other molds growing nearby and takes over its environment.

Where There is Water Damage, There Will Be Mold.

If you’re suffering with toxic symptoms, had flood or water damage, or have already found a black mold colony and think there could be more, you should have a mold inspection performed ASAP. Seeking the help of professionals can help assess the damage to your home, how to get rid of the toxic black mold, and how to prevent it from coming back. 


The only solution is to contact professional mold removal specialists to remove mold from your environment. Once you are away from toxic black mold your body will start to recover and most of your symptoms should go away over time. Remember, it isn’t only your home or business that is being damaged by black mold, the health of you, your family, or your fellow coworkers are being put in jeopardy. 

For more information on mold remediation in Buffalo and Western New York, please contact Superclean today.