As a leading provider of carpet cleaning for Buffalo NY and surrounding areas, we like to keep a nice collection of articles flowing to help better inform our current and future clients. We often get a lot of questions when clients call to seek information about carpet cleaning, so for this month, we wanted to go over a few frequently asked questions. We will continue to provide helpful tips and answers about carpet cleaning, but here are just a few.

How Do You Clean the Carpet?

Commonly known as steam cleaning, we use a method known as Hot Water Extraction. This enables our technicians to remove deep dirt and grime from within the fibers of the carpet. The hot water extraction equipment is inserted deep into the fibers, while a suction function extracts the dirt, allergens, and anything else.

How Long Does Hot Water Extraction Take?

Usually, a room will take about 20 minutes to clean. Any furniture should be moved prior to the cleaning, and this time depends on how dirty the carpets and high traffic areas are. Once the cleaning process is complete, you have to incorporate drying time. Based on airflow, temperature, and humidity, you’re looking at anywhere between 7-24 hours. Our drying fans can help speed up the process.

Can You Guarantee Spot Removal?

Guaranteeing that every single spot and stain will be removed would just be unrealistic. Some substances can stain carpet fibers permanently, and some carpets are just old. Some carpets lack quality. These are things we can’t control. Once we take a look at the situation, we will be able to give you a better idea of what the final product will look like.

If you are interested in getting your home or commercial space cleaned with high tech hot water extraction from SuperClean, just give us a call. We are locally owned and operated, unlike many franchised big box providers who claim to be. Whether you need carpet cleaning, mold removal, water damage restoration or commercial carpet steaming, SuperClean WNY should be your number one choice! We offer competitive rates and optimum customer services is always our goal.