So you’re thinking about choosing a carpet cleaner in WNY. The time has come to hire a professional. Now that the decisions been made, what should you do to prepare?

There is nothing better than the look and feel of a freshly cleaned carpet. The deep cleaning that SuperClean can provide on your residential or commercial carpets uses our hot water extraction system. New clients often ask how they can help prepare for this professional home carpet cleaning service. SuperClean’s professional team recommends:

Vacuuming high traffic areas

It’s pretty easy to tell the worst parts of your existing carpet. Wherever people walk the most, will be the dirtiest. Commercial buildings like offices may have high traffic areas through cubicle paths or waiting rooms. A home may have wear and tear in the family room or near the entranceway. Taking a good vacuuming to these areas will only help provide a deeper clean with our high tech equipment.

Removing any breakable objects you hold to a high value

We always try to be careful when we enter someone’s home or business but remember we’ll be bringing equipment. To assure everything is left clean and all your objects remain intact, we ask that you remove any precious objects you have on display, and pick up as much clutter as possible to enable our technician’s easy movement.

Move small furniture

If possible, please move as much small furniture, such as chairs or other easily moveable furniture out of the area. Moving furniture ahead of time allows for the focus to be on your carpet. For large office spaces, we can work around your existing furniture, just do your best to help us clean as much surface area as possible.

Put the animals away

We love animals, but not when we are at work. We recommend that your dog is out of the area and away from our staff. We will have the door open, so you may want to have a crate or fenced in area that you can place your animal in. We wouldn’t want your four-legged friend to get skittish around our equipment and run out the door. The sounds of the equipment might also scare your pet, so be sure to plan accordingly

When it comes to deep cleaning, we want you to have the best experience with the least amount of inconvenience. The experts at SuperClean have been providing carpet cleaning in the Western New York area for over 15 years. We can get your home or business into tip-top shape this summer. By following these tips, our carpet cleaning professionals will be able to make your carpets look good as new. We work with both residential and commercial clients. Please give us a call today to have your home or business SuperClean!