When it comes to deep cleaning your carpets and upholstery, blasting out all those unwanted soils and microbes takes some serious power. While you may have heard of steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, perhaps you’re not sure what they mean or what the big deal is. You may even ask yourself what the advantages of a truck-mounted system are. We’re here to shed some light on the process and describe what they mean.

Technically speaking, there is a difference between HWE and “steam cleaning” — a term in which you may be more familiar with, industry professionals use the two interchangeably. The thorough cleaning process involves a considerably hot jet of water aimed into the fibers that have been penetrated, before extracting it back out in the same motion using a high-powered vacuum. Most textile manufactures recommend homeowners treat their carpets with the hot water extraction method. This steam cleaning method is effective in destroying a myriad of suspended soils and/or hidden, hard-to-reach microorganisms that have spent considerable amount of time matted in the fibers.

As you may suspect, truck-mounted hot water extraction simply means the equipment used in the HWE process is mounted in our truck(s) (directly inside), and the process is powered by the vehicle’s engine. All major carpet manufacturers rate this truck-mounted system as the number one method. Our specific truck-mounted equipment uses 250-degree water for deep cleaning of carpets and furniture. At the 250-degree temperature, the water is hot enough to kill most allergen proteins and bacteria that lays dormant in carpet and upholstery.

The HWE rinse involved in steam cleaner or carpet shampooer enough to remove any cleaning solution used in the process. Additionally, little residue is left being in the carpet. For individuals who are concerted about allergies and/or asthma, cleaning solutions that are hypoallergenic or non-toxic and free of dyes are also available.

HWE VS. Steam Cleaning?

Steam is hotter than hot water. So, to manufacture steam, water needs to boil to evaporate into steam.   If a cleaning agent – such as detergent is used, steam won’t provide as deep of a rinse as hot water, which thoroughly flushes the carpet fibers and removes dirt.

But Why Not Rent?

The most integral part of professional carpet cleaning isn’t the HWE process, rather it’s vacuuming the carpet being treated before the hot water cleaning process – i.e. vacuuming the carpet thoroughly and removing as much dirt as possible before any wet process ensues. Truck-mounted vacuums naturally possess the power to remove substantially more substrates than what’s available as rentals.

Additionally, anyone who’s ever experienced a flooded basement – which many Western New Yorkers have unfortunately had to jump into carpet cleaning in Buffalo NY — know drying carpets, is no easy task. Adequate drying is all-important to ensure bacteria, stains, molds and even tertiary damage doesn’t occur. Professional, truck-mounted cleaning process leaves carpets damp for a day or two, mitigating the risk for dangerous microbe growth. Steam machines, on the other hand, can leave carpet wet for much longer. Rental machines don’t have the power to ensure a timely drying process to.

If you have carpets that require a thorough, timely and pain-free cleaning that won’t risk your family’s health, don’t hesitate to call us at Superclean. We specialize in anything from carpet cleaning to fire damage to mold removal in Buffalo NY. We’re here 24/7 for any and all water damage clean up and restoration. We’re always available and our experienced staff is here to help assess any damage you need repaired. We know first hand that the longer you wait to tackle water damage, the more it costs in the long run.