Ahh fall in Buffalo NY. A beautiful time of the year, where the Bills are still in the hunt, the leaves begin to change, and the pumpkin spice coffee flows. Though we’ve had some very warm weather as of late, it’s safe to say it’s getting ready to cool off as we enter Halloween season. And we know what fall also means, preparation for the hunker down of Buffalo winter. One thing you should think about this time of the year is getting the carpets steam cleaned heading into winter.

Home Carpet Cleaning

When is the last time you got the carpets cleaned professionally? We have made mention of the many reasons why someone should get them done, including both cosmetic and health reasons. This is definitely the time to do it. You’ll be hunkerin’ down and locked in once that snow hits, and you’ll want the least amount of dust and bacteria as possible as allergy, flu, and cold season approaches. Think about how much stuff has collected and dwells under your feet every day. Why not take care of the problem sooner rather than later? Your family will benefit from professionally steamed carpets, and it will look better!

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Offices, schools, retail stores, medical and dental facilities, and other public/employee used spaces are a cesspool for bacteria. Much like the stuff tracking through your home and staying within the fibers of your carpet, commerical carpets get it even worse. The amount of foot traffic is far greater within these spaces, and it’s important to keep them clean. No customer or client likes seeing dirty carpets, obviously, so cleaning them professionally using a trusted WNY carpet cleaner will certainly improve the appearance of your office or store. This helps customer relations. Again, being that we are heading into fall and winter, this is a great time to steamclean the flooring, as cold and flu season is approaching.

You could turn to one of the “big box” stores like Stanley Steamer or Chem Dry for carpet cleaning, but did you know that SuperClean started right here in Western New York? We are locally owned and operated, and we have a bunch of great references and testimonials of great clients who turn to us for home and commerical carpet cleaning. Don’t forget, this is the time of the year to get them done before winter hits! For more information on pricing for a home or commercial carpeted building, just give us a call today!