Nobody can deny the importance of a clean carpet.  We might not like having to vacuum or hire an experienced carpet cleaner to get the job the done, but we all know it’s necessary.  Carpets exist to get walked on and over the years they accumulate all kinds of dirt and grime that can be harmful if left unchecked.

When it comes to carpet cleaning there’s three main methods that are trusted by the professionals; shampooing, dry-cleaning, and hot water extraction.  The latter option, often incorrectly referred to as steam cleaning, has become the most popular carpet cleaning method in recent years. If you are unfamiliar with Hot Water Extraction, here’s a few benefits it provides over the other traditional carpet cleaning processes.


More Thorough Cleaning

It’s obvious that regular vacuum cleaning isn’t going to get deep enough to remove all the debris you want.  Even Shampoo solutions and dry clean detergents can fail in this area. The reason hot water extraction is so popular is because it provides the deepest carpet cleaning.  The high temperature, high pressure water is able to completely permeate the carpet fibers to remove dirt, dust, odors and even certain stains.


No Leftover Residue

Have you ever experienced a carpet cleaning done with either dry detergent or a shampoo solution? If you have, then you know how residue can be left behind after the cleaning is complete.  This can leave a lingering smell and feel of soap as you walk around which obviously isn’t ideal. With the hot water extraction process however, once the carpets dry there won’t be any trace left behind….except of course your newly cleaned carpet!


Chemical Free

Hot water extraction also provides a completely chemical free approach.  Other methods can use solutions that are harmful to people and pets if not fully removed from the carpet.  Hot water extraction uses high temperature water, instead of chemicals, to sanitize and remove all the harmful germs and allergens.


If it’s time for a carpet cleaning look to Super Clean.  We’re an experienced carpet cleaner in WNY and we specialize in the hot water extraction process.  Don’t let your carpets keep collecting dust and debris that can be harmful to you and your family. Call Super Clean and get your carpets looking brand new today!