When cleaning their homes, many homeowners tend to ignore carpet cleaning. Vacuuming gets some of the physical stuff off the top of your carpets, but doesn’t deep clean the microscopic things within the inside of the fabric. Professional carpet cleaning not only improves the appearance of your home drastically, but can even help with your family’s overall health.

1.Prolongs the life of the carpet

The two main things that need to go by getting a professional to clean the carpets are dirt and bacteria. If you don’t get rid of these two things, the bacteria and dirt will continue to grow in your carpet, making it harder (maybe impossible) for you to return it to its original state. You can’t see what’s really in there, and you wouldn’t want to. The deep cleaning not only improves the look, but extends the overall life of the carpet.

2. Clear Out Mite Infestations

Because mites are microscopic, many homeowners are unaware that they might have a dust mite infestation right in their carpet. Mites often leave behind microscopic feces and body fragments in the carpet that are allergens, so they are often inhaled. Cleaning your carpet will get rid of these mites and anything left behind by them.

3. Protects Indoor Air Quality

A dirty carpet can collect tons of indoor air pollutants such as particle pollution, pet dander, lead, and everyday dirt and dust. By getting rid of these air pollutants, you are instantly improving the air quality in your home, which is especially beneficial if you have family members who suffer from conditions that can affect their breathing.

4. Removes Spots and Stains

If you are hosting a party at your home and your carpet is looking dirty with wine stains, dirt tracks, and pet hair, it can be very embarrassing. Getting your carpet cleaned will get rid of all of these, making your carpet looking presentable and new again.

5. Carpets Easier to Maintain

When carpets are deeply cleaned on a regular basis, it gets rid of all the dirt, bacteria, mold, etc. that a normal vacuum won’t be able to clean. Doing a deep cleanse on a regular basis prevents all the unwanted things to come back, meaning regular vacuuming can clean your carpets for everyday dry soils.
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