With all the hustle and bustle we all go through and deal with in everyday life, it doesn’t leave much time to think about the details, the smaller things that exist under the radar – like those lurking microorganisms. Although easy to ignore those tiny pests that are invisible to the naked eye, it’s important to remember they’re still there, existing, infesting and reproducing in those nooks and crannies that generally go unnoticed.

They float in the air, stay in stick to your pants, travel back-and-forth through your vents and exasperate your allergies, and they most definitely make home in your carpets. Today we’re touching on four microorganisms that silently lurk deep in your carpets, and why you need to keep them in your crosshairs.

Dust Mites

Dust Mites feed off dead skin – both human and animal, which regularly stockpile in uncleaned carpets and sheets if they aren’t routinely washed. The complex hot water extraction process can be affective in clearing them out and sending on their way – even if/when they’re buried deep inside carpet fibers.

E. Coli

E Coli exists naturally in your gut – playing an integral role in digestion. But when this type of microbe invades other parts of your body and internal systems, it can quickly wreak havoc. It often plays a part in food poisoning, but it can easily be picked up and unintentionally transported inside cars, businesses and homes.


We all remember to take our sneakers off when we enter the house, right? Right? But what about your guests? If you’re a parent, you definitely know how easy it is for kids to leave their footwear in the front hall before trudging all that dirt inside, and throughout the house. Without routine cleaning, pneumonia bacteria and/or viruses can stay alive and even thrive in rugs an carpets for hours or even days, which makes them much less safe for you, your loved ones or even pets.

Mold and Fungus

Mold and/or fungus microbes can be airborne or even exist as fomites – attaching onto any inanimate surface they come into contact with, like clothes, railings, countertops and carpeting. What makes them worse is wet environments where they can thrive, spread and multiply. It’s important to remember these types of microbes release sports into the air, causing allergenic reactions, breathing difficulties and sickness. Wherever you’re located, keeping on top of mold removal in WNY is important, and it often exists outside the scope of the naked eye.

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