Mold Remediation Buffalo NY

Whether you live in Buffalo NY, or anywhere in Western New York, your home is quite possibly your biggest investment. When water damage occurs, and flood restoration becomes necessary, mold removal is an important part of the process. Something as simple as a water leak can cause serious damage to the structure of your home. A flooded, wet carpet will cause cause carpet mold.


Mold remediation becomes more and more necessary over time, as hidden mold develops and gets worse without proper care. Anywhere water is, mold will be. Mold can be hidden from plain sight for a good amount of time before you even know it’s there. The moisture from Leaks, flooding, and water damage can get deep into your carpet fibers and develop into hidden mold.


Because it develops deep into the carpet fibers, it can cause respiratory problems and other health issues, without even seeing it. Wet carpeting must be cleaned and dried within 48 hours to ensure that mold remediation is successful. Carpets that have been completely soaked require flood restoration because odds are they have mold. Superclean is a leader in Buffalo NY in mold remediation, flood restoration, and water damage.


Some carpet mold is easily visible, and should be treated properly by a professional mold remediation company ASAP. Superclean has the top technology and technicians to be able to quickly clean, dry, and remediate mold immediately. Carpet may look like it has white, black, or green splashes on the carpet. Black mold is the most toxic form of mold and should be removed immediately. On carpet it will appear as black splotches, and can trail along walls.


Because carpet mold seeps through the fibers, killing mold in a carpet is almost impossible. You really should seek the help of a professional when you detect mold in the house. The best way to treat mold? Avoid mold.


If you suspect water damage in your WNY home, your first response should be to clean and dry the affected areas as soon as possible. Superclean can provide flood and water damage restoration in Buffalo NY, and all surrounding areas 24/7. In the event that mold does appear in your carpets, walls, ducts, or anywhere in your home, we can also provide professional mold remediation in Buffalo NY.


Please give us a call or Contact Us if you have any questions about mold remediation, flood damage restoration, or carpet cleaning in WNY!