When you or a loved one has experienced fire or smoke damage in your home, there are a lot of unanswered questions. It seems like everyone has different opinions on what the correct steps are to getting your life back to normal. Here are some facts about smoke damage from the professionals at SuperClean. We are here to help you during this time of crisis.


Smoke Damage Can Make You Sick

House fires have smoke that is thick and heavy. This kind of smoke causes some serious damage to the environment even after the fire is put out. The smoke and soot can stay in your home for a very long time even after you have started to clean up. Inhaling this kind of smoke can cause serious bodily harm like respiratory problems and heart related complications. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, you need to seek the help of a professional cleaning service like SuperClean. We will be able to remove most, if not all, of the smoke related damage from your home. We have over 15 years of experience in fire restoration in the Western New York area.  


Smoke Damage Leaves Discoloration

If you want your home to go back to normal after a fire, you cannot ignore the smoke damage around you. The ash, soot and smoke from the fire can cause permanent discoloration on your ceilings, floors, and walls. This ash and soot can effect wood, vinyl, and metal surfaces in your home. It can also deteriorate the structural integrity of your home. This means that fire damage and smoke damage can cause serious problems years after the fire happens. The only way to remedy this problem is with a professional fire restoration team, such as SuperClean. The earlier these services are performed in your home, the less likely you are to actually have any kind of permanent damage.


Smoke Damage Leaves a Smell

To anyone that has been around any kind of fire, emergency or for relaxation, you will know that getting the smell of smoke out of your hair and clothing can be a task. The smell of the smoke is extremely potent and long lasting. Due to the high temperature of the fire, and the intensity of the flames, it can take years to completely remove all of the smells from the fire. Seeking help from a professional team is absolutely imperative in the removal of the smoky smell. Only professional grade products and chemicals can restore your home to how it was before the fire.


SuperClean is here to help you with all your fire restoration and smoke damage needs. We have the experts and experience in this field; we know how to get your home back to normal. We are here to help you in this time of need. Call us today so we can help you remove the smoke and fire damage from your home.