Everybody knows about the the serious dangers and destructive power associated with an uncontrolled fire.  The National Fire Protection Association estimates between 5 and 10 billion dollars worth of damage occurs each year to structures in the United States.  While maintaining good fire safety practices in your home is needed all year round, it’s especially important during the hot dry summer months in WNY.

Here at SuperClean, we have experience dealing with the aftermath of house fires.  We understand the details of fire cleanup and what it takes to make your home livable again.  We hope you won’t need our services this this summer but if a fire does tarnish your home we’ll be there to get it cleaned up straight away.  Whether your house needs fire damage deodorization to get rid of the smoky smell, structural drying to prevent any further damage, or any other kind of fire restoration, SuperClean will have you covered.  In the meantime here’s a list of some common causes of house fires along with tips on how to avoid them and keep your house safe this summer.


Cooking Fires

It’s probably not surprising to find out that the leading cause of residential home fires is due to cooking related incidents.  Cooking on a stove top or with high heat in the oven can increase the fire starting potential if you aren’t careful. Making sure to keep flammable items well away from any heat source and never leaving your kitchen unattended while cooking are the best ways to avoid a potential kitchen fire.

Open Flames

July is fine month for barbecues and outdoor fires in WNY but it’s also a time of increased risk for starting uncontrolled fires.  Keep your fire pit surrounded by stone or another fire resistant material and place it a fair distance away from any structures like your house, garage or shed.  Additionally, wetting down the surrounding area with a hose is a great precaution to guard against random sparks and ash that like to try and escape the safety of the fire pit.  And of course, never forget to make sure the fire is fully extinguished before leaving the house or going to sleep.


Did you know the leading cause for house fire deaths over the past few decades has been due to smoking?  A lit cigarette inadvertently falling on to your furniture or mattress can ignite a fire almost immediately.  The only sure way to eliminate the risk of fire damage from cigarettes is to avoid smoking them in your home. If you need to smoke be sure to do so outside and put all butts out with water instead of your foot.


It’s not uncommon for older houses nowadays to have wiring that isn’t up to code.  Over the years the wires can fray or corrode their contacts and can put your house in a serious danger zone.  It’s a good idea to get your house’s electrical network checked out before disaster strikes so that you can mitigate any potential risks.


Keeping fire starters like matches and lighters out of the reach of young children should be common sense but hundreds of house fires each year are caused by children under the age of 5.  It’s a good idea to teach your kids fire safety practices while they’re still young before they get any thoughts that it might be fun to play with fire.


We at SuperClean know firsthand the kind of damage that a fire can do to your home.  We’ve been serving the community in Buffalo NY for over 15 years and know how devastating it can feel after your home has been ravaged by a fire.  Our goal is to be there in your time of need to handle any fire cleanup or fire restoration for your home. We hope that these easy tips will keep your home safe this summer, but if the worst should happen SuperClean will be ready to help.