When people think of mold growing in a home, they think of dark black mold with a pungent odor that you can smell from a mile away. While this kind of mold is real, and a very dangerous threat, not all mold presents in this  way. So how do you know if you have mold in your home? What signs do you look for? SuperClean has all your mold removal answers. Our expert team of professionals can help make sure your home is safe and mold free! Here are some signs that you might need to give us a call for mold removal:

Weird Smells

One of the most telltale signs of mold growth in a home is a strange odor. Whether you are able to see it or not, mold will emit an unpleasant smell. If an area in your home constantly smells musty, there is a good possibility there is mold in the room. You can follow the odor to where it is strongest to find the mold.  The mold may be in an unreachable place, like inside walls. If that is so, call SuperClean so we can remove it for you!

Mold Growth

Another obvious sign of mold growth would be you seeing the mold growing on walls, basement floors, or bathroom ceilings. There are so many varieties of mold that identifying the type of mold can be a daunting task. Mold can be a furry, dark growth, as a black stain. Or mold can appear white, orange, green or brown specks. Rather than look for out-of-the-ordinary, multi-colored flakes in every inch of your home, identify areas that are moist and then look for possible signs of mold. The fungus thrives in cool, damp areas, and it will be much easier to find it by limiting your search to areas that have excess moisture.

Health Problems

Your body will know if there is mold in your home. If you are presenting with cold like symptoms for an extended amount of time, you may want to check your home for mold. Runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, headaches and even dizziness can be linked to an allergic reaction to mold. Some types of mold that can grow in a home can be detrimental to your health, so having it professionally removed is the safest way to insure that you and your family stay safe!

If an area in your home has fallen victim to a mold infestation, don’t panic. There is still hope. Let SuperClean’s professional mold removal tactics make your home safe and mold free! Our experience in the Western New York area makes us the best choice for your mold removal needs! Call us today so we can make sure your home is and stays mold free!

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