Weather here in Western New York varies throughout the year, and warmer, wet summers like the one we had this year is the perfect condition for mold to start growing indoors as we enter the fall. With the exception of a few cold days, we found ourselves experiencing a pretty fair September/October. Unfortunately, this means mold spores could still be swirling.

According to Dr. Janna Tuck, a spokeswoman for the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, there was so much mold in the air that even people who aren’t allergic could feel the effects. We’ve talked about signs of mold in the house here on our blog, but as we enter the fall season and start to get used to being trapped inside, we wanted to talk a little about some places mold might hide.

On the Today Show, they featured a story about a children’s teething toy that was filled with hidden mold. This scary and unfortunate reality led to an investigative piece where a mold inspector walked around a reporters house, and the results were startling. These are a few places they found mold in the house, where you might find in your house.

  • under sink near cleaning products
  • in dish racks
  • under refrigerator
  • inside the door of washing machine
  • shower/bathroom products
  • children’s sippy cups

These are just a few places where you might find household mold. It’s important to remember to prevent mold in the house prior to it growing, or you may have to contact a professional mold removal specialist. Try to remember that this time of year, as we begin to close all the windows and doors, is when mold can start to accumulate in your home when you aren’t even aware. This is something that should never go untreated, and serious mold removal requires a professional team.

In the event that you want to speak to someone about mold remediation for your Buffalo or WNY home, contact Superclean WNY. We are able to professionally remove toxic black mold, and help to prevent it coming back again. If you need a professional mold removal team, just give us a call today!