Water damage can occur because of plumbing or equipment failure (sump pump), or natural disaster like flooding.  It is important that you contact a reliable restoration company as quickly as possible.  SUPERCLEAN Carpet & Flood Restoration is your Go-To when DRYING TIME matters. Our Top-of-the-Line equipment is used for Water Extraction/Removal and Drying in hours, not days. We will reduce inconvenience for owner and risk of damage costs for your insurance company. Our 24/7 Emergency Flood Restoration Service will get you DRY IN NO TIME.

Drying water damaged homes and businesses is important.  But drying them fast is critical!  The longer it takes to dry a water damaged building, the more expenses and damages increase.  Mold, floor and wall warpage, out-of-home-costs, and other repairs increase as the structure remains wet.

Speed drying water damage eliminates or greatly reduces these damages and expenses.  SUPERCLEAN Carpet & Flood Restoration in Buffalo NY has the newest technology.  We will have you dry in 30 hours or less.

New research shows that delivering heat and containing it to the water saturated surfaces and materials will dry the same damage in 30 hours or less.  Drying structures in record time will reduce stress and inconvenience for the owner, and reduce risk and damage costs for the insurance company.


The presence of mold may not be visible.  You may experience a variety of health symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose (not due to common cold), bronchitis, pneumonia, asthmatic or allergic reactions.  Mold may be growing in hidden areas or mistaken for soot or dirt.  You may be able to smell the problem before you see it. If you have a home with condensation, it is possible you have mold growing.  Mold grows where condensation builds and collects. SUPERCLEAN’S mold remediation process includes Inspection, Containment, Mold Removal, and Cleaning of Infected Areas. Presence of toxic black mold should be treated immediately. We can treat carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces.


As soon as your property is deemed safe, fire restoration can begin.  The toxic gases, smoke and ash need to remediated quickly to prevent corrosion, staining, and further damage.  You don’t want to attempt these tasks on your own.  SUPERCLEAN has the proper safety equipment and cleaning agents to get the work done without risk.

24 Hour/7 Days a Week Response Service for:

  • WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION – We are available 24/7 for your WNY residential or commercial water damage needs.
  • FLOOD DAMAGE CLEAN UP – Weather, busted pipes, leaking water heaters can all cause serious problems.  Our crew is available day and night to handle any flood restoration services you may need.
  • SEWAGE DAMAGE CLEAN UP – If your sewer line backs up, you need to call us immediately. We can extract the water and get your property clean and dry.
  • WATER REMOVAL – We are experts at removing water from your home or office. From water clean-up to dryout services, we’ve got you covered.
  • TOTAL DRYING SERVICE – Making sure your area is completely dry is our business.