3 Top Causes of Residential Water Damage

Your home is your biggest investment. Our team here at Superclean WNY is dedicated to helping people in and around Buffalo NY with water damage clean up and flood restoration. We understand the fear of your biggest and most important investment being damaged, and the costs that can quickly add up after such a daunting disaster. We are here to respond immediately, to assess, clean up, and restore your home to it’s original state. Water damage can occur to any home, but there are certainly preventative measures that can be taken to avoid serious repair costs. Here are three of the top causes of residential water damage in Buffalo NY.

Bursting or Leaking Pipes

Where ever it is in the the house, old or blocked pipes can leak or even burst. Be sure your pipes are all working properly and that no kinds of large objects are causing clogs in any of the drains. Keep a close eye on the sights and sounds of your home, as they can be indicators of plumbing problems. Drains that are clogged on the upper level of your home could lead to pipe damage, and leaks or breakages that will leak down through the ceiling and can cause serious damage. Any water spotting on the ceiling is a major problem that needs attention asap. 

Roof Leak

Your home’s roof doesn’t last forever, and even if it looks fine and it’s in good condition to you, there may actually be holes developing. If your roof is more than ten years old, hire licensed roofers to check for any damage or potential problems. Again, at the first sign of any water dripping, spotting, or mold, please contact a professional for help. Any extra time that that water makes contact on wood, drywall, or other building materials is damage that will break down and cost you money.


Natural disasters like blizzards, thunderstorms, or flooding can cause major structural damage to your home. You can not prevent severe storms or flooding from happening, but what you can do is be sure that your your roof and pipes are in their best condition. When winter snow melts fast in Buffalo it can cause water to get into your basement and sump pump. In the event that flooding does occur in your home, it’s vital to contact SuperClean WNY for water damage restoration before mold growth occurs. If you don’t take care of water damage, toxic black mold can grow and cause damage to not only the home, but the people in the home.

In the event that you or someone you know is experiencing residential water damage, remember the name SuperClean. We are here and available 24/7 for all water damage clean up and restoration. Have a question? Feel free to give us a call, we are always available. Remember that the longer water damage occurs, the more money it will cost you.