Who Ya Gonna Call?

We understand no one wants to call a Water Restoration Company when water damage occurs. As a homeowner however, it is imperative that you learn to understand that some jobs require professional contractors. Temporary water damage can lead to mold and permanent structural damage. SuperClean Carpet & Flood Restoration prides ourselves on being the premiere 24/7 emergency response team for all of WNY. Sure, you could call a big-box company like Serv-Pro, but here at SuperClean, we are locally owned, and operated.

Don’t Delay.

Moisture can penetrate any space or material. Structurally, your home could begin to crumble over time due to moisture penetrating nooks and crannies. Whether it’s in the attic, bathroom, or basement, moisture and water damage can cause permanent damage to your home. Regardless of how moisture or water gets into your home, calling a certified professional is vital to the life of your home.

Contamination Cleanup Crew

When water damage occurs due to a broken pipe or sewer backup, DO NOT try and clean it up yourself. Your immediate reaction will probably be to try and clean up as much as you can before calling a professional to finish the job. CALL ASAP. Sewage back flows and flooding contain deadly bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Even slight skin contact can cause serious illness. A certified flood restoration expert has the equipment to clean it up much more efficiently, and also the protective clothing to aid in preventing harm.

 Certified Technicians Need Certified Technology

You wouldn’t expect to change a tire using nothing but your bare hands would you? Even the most savvy home cleaners, with the most attention to detail and work ethic couldn’t handle serious water damage. Why? Because they wouldn’t have the equipment that SuperClean has. Industrial vacuums, pumping systems, high volume air movers, heat injectors, moisture meters. These aren’t household items. In addition to the mechanical equipment, as a certified water damage expert, we also have detergents formulated to destroy microbial threats. This is where we not only clean up the mess, but prevent the water damage from leading to mold growth.

Call An Expert First. Call SuperClean WNY

If you or someone you know experiences any water damage, from a backed up sewer, to flooding, to a busted pipe, call SuperClean to talk to one of our experts. We can offer you peace of mind, provide you with a free educated estimate, and come take a look at your situation. We’ve seen it all here at SuperClean, no job is too catastrophic. Don’t forget to ask about how SuperClean can work with your insurance to cover water damage restoration.