Water damage accounts for One-Fifth of insurance claims yearly. Here in Buffalo NY, frozen pipes are a common culprit for causing water damage. A crack in a frozen pipe that is only an eighth of an inch can lead to 200 gallons of water daily. That’s some serious damage to your home or business. We’d like to take some time to talk about burst pipes, what causes them, and why you need to be aware of what can happen if it occurs.

Why Do Pipes Burst?

When it’s winter in Buffalo, temperatures are sure to not only drop below 32 degrees, but usually stay freezing for most of the winter. When the temperature in your home drops below freezing, it expands and causes the pipes to expand. This is what causes the pipe to burst because it doesn’t have enough room. So as the temperature increases and begins to rise above freezing, any small crack that was caused by the expansion begins to leak the thawing water. A burst pipe replacement is going to cost you a little money, but water damage from gallons of water leaking into the home can cost you thousands.

Which Pipes Are Most Likely to Break?

It’s important to ensure your pipes are winterized to prevent freezing and bursting. There are pipes in your home that are more likely. Exterior walls that are exposed to the cold are very prone. Any other pipes that are exposed to cold temperature are the most prone, so any pipes running through the attic, unheated basement, or garage. Always check the main water pipe that supplies water because that is also at risk of freezing and bursting. Even hot water pipes can freeze, so make sure you prevent freezing as much as possible.

What Should You Do if A Pipe Bursts?

As soon as you notice there is a pipe burst or water leak from a pipe, turn off the main water supply.  If you don’t have the means, call a plumber or someone you know who can turn it off for you. If there is water seeping through the walls or ceiling, you should shut down your main power source immediately. Call an electrician as well. The next step should be to call a professional. We offer flood and water damage restoration. We often tell our clients to contact their insurance company to check and see if any damages can be covered by insurance. Usually, coverage for this type of water damage is offered by your standard homeowners insurance. Do your best to move anything out of the water damaged room into a dry room, and open any doors and windows in the flooded room to try and let it dry.

If you encounter any flooding, water damage, or burst pipes this winter in Buffalo, please contact SuperClean WNY. We are available for water damage restoration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will work with your insurance company to ensure your cost is kept to a minimum. We also take pride in making your home just as good, if not better than before any flooding or water damage. The other problem with water damage is it can lead to mold growth, which can also destroy your home. For any flood or water damage, remember the name SuperClean!