Last week our region was hit with a rainstorm that we haven’t seen in years. The rain came down hard and fast as areas of Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Lancaster, Sloan, Alden and other surrounding suburbs were sent into a frenzy. If you happened to be driving during the storm, you found yourself literally UP A CREEK without a paddle. Many primary roadways were shut down due to severe flooding that officials deemed too dangerous. Homeowners were shocked to see inches of water filling up their basements as the rain had nowhere to go. If you or someone you know experienced flood damage in Buffalo, you really should take extra precaution in the cleanup process, as mold can form following a flood, and more severe water damage can cause permanent structural damage to your home. Here are a few things to think about following last week’s flood.

Assess Damage & Document

First of all get everything you can salvage out of the area. Remember that any electrical outlets can be dangerous in a flood situation. Check for any visible structural damage, such as warming or cracks. You may not think to, but taking photographs before removing any water or cleaning can help you ensure your insurance claim gets the most possible return on your coverage.

Protect Yourself

Electricity and water don’t mix, and can be very dangerous to you and your family. Also, remember that the water in your home or basement, even if it’s clear, could be contaminated with sewage or chemicals. Do your best to avoid contact with the floodwater, and keep pets and children away from the situation.

Call Your Insurance

As soon as possible, once you’ve cleared the area and taken photos, call your insurance company. There’s a good chance that you’ll be covered on your homeowner’s insurance, but you’re going to want to contact them to tell them what happened. Let them know what you think you might need done, and follow their directions.

Call SuperClean

Once you’ve talked to your insurance rep, call a professional carpet cleaner. You may think that you can handle the water removal process yourself, with your own equipment. This is very common. Also common, is mold damage in a self-cleaned, post-flood situation. Mold can develop within the first 24 hours, and that’s a whole nother can of worms. When you search for a company to do professional carpet cleaning, remember SuperClean is locally owned and operated, and we will work with your insurance.

Hopefully we don’t have anymore severe weather this winter, as many Western New Yorkers have had a rough time with this flood. We’re used to frozen water and snow, not rushing rivers in the street! If you or someone you know experienced flood damage last week, we wish you the best, but also remember that if you don’t clean it up properly, you’re putting yourself and your family at risk of mold damage. We can also work with your insurance on mold restoration following a flood.