Whether your sump pump backed up, there was a major spill, a pipe burst or any other cause of flooding and water damage, panic and stress are sure to follow. First of all, call a flood restoration expert ASAP. Superclean WNY offers 24/7 immediate response for water damage and restoration. Once you have called an expert, there are a few things you can do to help remediate the situation from getting worse while we are on our way.

Turn off Electric in Room

When you happen to discover a flooded room, do not enter. Ensure that the electric in the flooded room is off before anything else. There is a chance that the electrical outlet could have been damaged by flooding, and can be extremely dangerous. 

Pick Up Loose Fabrics

Your floor or carpet is soaked, we’ll be there to dry that, but loose fabrics like rugs, curtains, blankets, clothing, etc can worsen the flooding process. The more damp wet fabrics on the carpet, the more dark, moist areas for mold to grow. Heavier, thicker fabrics like drapes that may meet at the carpet are perfect for mold to grow, so make sure you get everything off the ground. 

Save Your Knick-Knacks and Small Furniture

Whatever you can grab and get out of the flooded room that you want to save, try to get it out of the room. Couches and other fabric furniture can also be a mold growth gold mine, so try to get those out of there if you can. We will help you dry and restore with these things with our flood restoration equipment when we arrive.

DO NOT USE ELECTRIC While on a Wet Floor

Even if an outlet or device you want to use is off the area that is flooded, avoid all electricity when there is flooding or water damage. As seen above turn off all electric in the flooded room first. If you are standing on a wet surface and use electricity this could be fatal. Electrical safety is very important when dealing with water damage and flood restoration.

Hopefully you never have to deal with any of the problems we are talking about, but know that if flooding or water damage does occur, Superclean WNY is ready 24/7 to respond and help remediate your situation ASAP.