You get home from a long day at work. You are looking forward to kicking off your shoes and relaxing with a nice dinner. You open up the front door, and your foot is met with a great splash. You look down to see water everywhere. When a pipe bursts, or there is any other kind of flood in your home, it is difficult to see past the immediate clean up. Here at SuperClean we are here to help. Our experts know what to look for when assessing water damage, and how to keep your home or business clean and safe. Here are some things you should know if you are experiencing water damage.

Three Types

There are three major categories that water damage is organized by. It is important to know the differences, so that you do not put yourself in danger.The first category is for water that is clean from a fresh line. There is little to no illness associated with this type of water.The second category is for water that is slightly contaminated. It is referred to as “grey water”, and it carries many micro organisms that can be harmful to your health. Think of a sump pump overflowing.The last category is for highly contaminated water, like a toilet overflowing, or storm water. This kind of water is extremely hazardous to people. Knowing the differences between these three categories of water damage can help you make the correct decision about how you start the clean up. That is where SuperClean comes in. Our experts know exactly how to assess these situations. We can quickly clean your home or business, so that you don’t have to worry.

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Move Swiftly

When seeing the damage water can do to a home or business, it is a very stressful and overwhelming time.But, it  is also one of the most dangerous health hazards if not taken care of in a swift manner. You have such a small window of time to prevent the growth of deadly mold spores. You must properly clean and dry the area with in 48 hours in order to keep your environment safe. SuperClean has the tools to help you. Our truck mounted extractors will remove the water from your floors and our dehumidifiers will withdraw the water vapor from the air. We are open 24/7 for your convenience, so we are able to help you whenever disaster strikes.

When dealing with water damage in Western New York, or anywhere, it is important to know the facts. Let SuperClean help you return your home or business back to normal after water damage occurs. Call us today so we can help!